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About Us

Featured Project: Bay of Plenty

Foresta is building a plant in Bay of Plenty, New Zealand where we will manufacture pine chemicals and pine wood pellets; completely transforming the energy industry by providing a clean energy source. This will be a direct coal replacement, we welcome your enquiry to partner with us as a wood pellet customer or forestry provider.

What Drives us?

Foresta has a team of individuals who are on board with the vision of the company, people who can see the bigger picture and know that our job is much more than pine trees and their products. It is about totally transforming the way we harvest and re-plant the forests to ensure they are looked after and are available for years to come. It is about using sustainable processes, being mindful of what we are mixing into our manufacturing processes as these chemicals and pellets reach a wide range of markets and different industries, which impact every single persons day to day life. We have an impact on what is being distributed, so we want that to be clean and safe for all who come into contact with it. We are pioneering a new way by replacing the coal with wood pellets as fuel for energy and working with local forestry farmers, Iwi’s and Governments to better the state of the surrounding forests, and that is what drives us.

Why Foresta?

Foresta has taken a best supplier, best practice approach to designing and planning its operations. Ensuring that the most energy efficient and lowest environmentally impacting processes are used in its operations, whilst achieving the highest quality products supported by the best suppliers in our industry.

We developed our own patented extraction process for the renewable natural chemicals that uses the natural oils of the pine tree as the extractive, eliminating nearly 25% of extra processing and petrochemicals.

Our process increases the potential income from the pine wood, ensuring a truly sustainable future for pine, at the same time we enable real decarbonisation of our nation.

Utilising sustainable forestry resources to manufacture biomass products

Our History


The company Essential Queensland Pty Ltd was formed in 2017, we had a pilot plant in Childers Queensland, Australia where we produced turpentine and rosin. In December 2020 we completed a backdoor listing on Leaf Resources Ltd, we continued to operate in Childers however once recognising the great potential in forestry supply in New Zealand, we made the decision to move our operations to NZ. We then acquired a large scale commercial plant that will be erected in Rotorua, New Zealand under the name of Foresta (NZ) Limited.


Founder’s Story

My name is Ray Mountfort, I grew up on a sheep, beef and forestry farm in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. When I was 12 years old, my parents signed what was then New Zealand’s first agriculture forestry joint venture and planted radiata pine trees on the back slopes of the farm. I found it fun to be involved with the crushing and burning of the scrub and land preparation for those pine trees.
At the age of 13 I started surfing and by 18 it was the ruling passion in my life. Surfing enabled me to connect with nature, the ocean and build great friendships as well as keep fit. I consider Murphy’s Motor Camp at Matata my home break; it’s located at the end of the road from the farm I grew up on. My first surf board was shaped by one of my best mates and named for our local break being ‘White Sands’ as this was the name of the Motor Camp, prior to Murphy’s.
In my late teens while surfing at Otamorakau, a further 10km up the coast towards Tauranga, I encountered something that is common at the beaches at Matata and the Tarawera River Outlet. This was the smelly toxic discharge from the Tarawera River that originated inland at the Tasman Pulp and Paper Mill. Such was the pollution that upon arriving home at the farm, my whole family could smell me from a distance of several metres. My eyes were smarting and I smelt of sulphur and the mill.
I couldn’t believe that the Mill could do this to my local beach and to all of us who lived there and called it home. My dad is 81 today, and he can still remember my anger at being exposed to these chemicals and how the discharge must be damaging our fishery.
This experience in my late teens had a profound impact on my world view in regards to factories, pollution and their interaction with our environment. It has been with me ever since and has had tremendous influence when I realised that I had the opportunity to invent and commercialise new non destructive processes for processing pine into chemicals and bio products.
This is why the process Foresta utilises the natural chemicals in the tree to extract the natural chemicals from the tree, eliminating smelly, toxic waste water discharges.

Ray Mountfort

Managing Director

For the last 20 years Ray has been primarily involved in the pine chemicals industry, working to establish his vision of sustainable natural hydrocarbon based chemical production.


Henry Cheng

Executive Chairman

A part of our senior management and board executive team with over 35 years of extensive experience in international business, resources, insurance, investment, finance and banking.


Maurice Fabiani

Executive Director

A part of our senior management and board executive team with over 30 years’ experience in international business as well as the biomedical/biotechnology field related health areas.


Ray Mountfort

Managing Director

For the last 20 years Ray has been primarily involved in the pine chemicals industry, working to establish his vision of sustainable natural hydrocarbon based chemical production.


Grant Yeatman

Chief Operating Officer

Grant is a co-founder, having been involved in EQ since its incorporation in 2017, providing guidance on intellectual property development and the management and company growth.


Erich van Zyl

Chief Financial Officer

With 15 years’ experience across multiple industries, Erich ensures smooth operation and enhancement of internal finance functions whilst supporting executive and board analysis and decision making.


Steve Pittman

Chief Development Officer

Steve has 20 years of experience in Civil and Structural engineering, project managing projects from large-scale construction to manufacturing.


Mikaela Sutton

Adminstration Manager

Overseeing and assisting with several business functions, from HR to accounts, Mikaela is the admin linchpin that keeps the company running smoothly.


Teresa Aylott

Sales and Marketing Manager

15 years marketing experience spanning advertising agencies in London and for FMCG brands such as Coca-Cola Amatil.


Rafael Moradei

Forestry Supply Manager

With degrees in project management and science, Rafael manages our forestry supply contracts and ensures the amount of wood needed for production is secured.


Dean Ormrod

National Sales Manager

With 35 years of experience in sales across multiple industries, Dean is securing offtake agreements and ensuring we have long term sale contracts for wood pellets.

Sustainable, Renewable, Bio Mass Products
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