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  • Sourced from FSC Forests: We only use sustainable renewable FSC certified plantation forests that are farmed on a 30 year cycle. This means for every tree that we use, another one is planted.

  • Circular Manufacturing: Our waste products are water and spent wood. The water goes into irrigating our farm and the waste wood can go into making wood pellets that replace coal in heating and power generation plants.

  • No Waste We use parts of the tree, such as stumps which would normally be considered a waste product/low value wood. Stump harvesting improves the productivity of the land as it encourages reforestation.

  • No petrochemical: For every 1kg of product we produce, that’s 1kg of petroleum products that doesn’t get pumped out of the ground. Our products directly replace petrochemical sources products in the marketplace.

  • Natural Manufacturing: We extract pine chemicals using low heat, low pressure, water, steam and a natural organic solvent. We don’t use any petrochemicals in the extraction process resulting in clean pine rosin and terpenes.

  • Carbon Footprint: To further reduce the carbon footprint associated with the supply chain, our facilities are located in areas that minimize the transportation from forest to plant to port. We operate in the most attractive wood fiber regions.