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Forest Owners/Managers

Forest Owners and Managers 

By joining us at Foresta you are helping to revolutionise the forestry industry. We transform the forest into high value end products, maximising returns and minimising carbon in the supply chain. Generating value from previously unutilised parts of the tree, increasing profit for harvesting companies by clearing the stumps or negotiating extra stumps to be pulled. Our plant processing abilities allow us to increase the total recoverable volume of your forest by 7%-28%.
– By signing a supply agreement with us 2 years before harvesting and allowing access into your forest we could increase the weight of your trees by 10%.
– We offer competitive rates for every log grade, slash and stumps.
– Other sources of income could come from Old Man Pines located nearby your woodlot as well as land clearing.
– We would be also interested on the stumps of woodlots which the logs are already committed.
– Foresta is currently looking for suppliers, so if you are thinking about it, contact us

Councils and Transport Agencies

Councils and Transport Agencies

Old Man Pines that are endangering our parks, buildings, roads and power lines now have a destination! Foresta’s forestry management and harvesting practices, as well as our processing abilities allows us to harvest those trees while adding valueto it and helping New Zealand to reach carbon zero targets.

– Foresta is open for a partnership and a plan to remove these trees. We would be willing to provide harvesting machinery and staff as well as transport all the wood from site.

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