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Foresta is pleased to provide a brief overview of our flagship project centred on the construction and commissioning of the world’s first integrated manufacturing facility at Rotorua, New Zealand, to produce pine
chemicals (rosins and turpenes) and torrefied black pellets.
This overview showcases the outstanding work that Foresta has performed this year to date in developing this world-class and one-of-a-kind project.
Salient key points are as follows:

Procured offtake arrangements for all products from leading global companies and large scale end-users;

Land site for integrated manufacturing facility identified with signed MOU for the lease;

Preparation of NZ Overseas Investment Office application for the project;

Patents filed in relation to the integration of our proprietary technologies.

This first project at Rotorua will deliver approximately half of the initial required of quantity torrefied wood
pellets for offtake arrangements with Tailored Energy Resources Limited with the remainder being supplied
through a planned second project.
This initial project will generate approximately 210,000 tonnes of torrefied wood pellets and 50,000 tonnes of
pine chemicals generating an estimated NZ$290 million in total revenue per annum with an estimated return on
investment (ROI) of around 22% per annum.
Foresta is actively seeking to raise project funding to facilitate plant construction and obtain requisite approvals
and consents for the project.